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In addition to identifying trends through our daily interactions with companies and job seekers, we conduct extensive research on hiring and employment issues. Read about our latest research, including results from our ongoing surveys of CFOs, CIOs, lawyers, advertising and marketing executives, human resources managers and senior managers.

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Aug 17, 2017
Nearly Half of Workers Know Someone Who Was Dishonest on Resume
Aug 16, 2017
More Than Half of CFOs Surveyed Say They're Shaping Corporate Culture
Aug 9, 2017
Survey: Nearly a Quarter of Professionals Have Regrets About Leaving a Former Job
Aug 2, 2017
CFOs and Workers Don't See Eye to Eye When It Comes to Workplace Pals
Jul 27, 2017
Tech Leaders and Office Workers Say Email Will Continue to Dominate in 2020, Followed by Instant Messaging
Jul 26, 2017
Four in Five Firms Don't Hold Annual Corporate Retreats, Potentially Missing Key Benefits
Jul 18, 2017
Industry Professionals Have Positive Sentiments About Work
Jun 27, 2017
Survey: U.S. Professionals Happiest; Germans Most Interested in Their Jobs
Jun 22, 2017
Tech Leaders to Increase Hiring; Business Expansion and Digital Initiatives Creating IT Jobs
Jun 19, 2017
Nearly 3 in 4 CFOs Say Their Teams Have a Casual Dress Code, Survey Reveals
Jun 19, 2017
More Than Half of Employees Prefer Casual Attire, But Many Unsure of What's Appropriate for the Office
Jun 15, 2017
Study Reveals Tasks People Would Rather Do Than Ask for a Raise; How Employee Confidence Has Changed Over Three Years
Jun 15, 2017
Research Shows Stable Hiring Environment for Creative Professionals
Jun 13, 2017
Survey: Majority of Workers Have Better Balance, 9 in 10 Report Support From the Boss
Jun 6, 2017
Nearly One-Third of Candidates Display Negative Nonverbal Cues at Interviews
Jun 6, 2017
Panelists to Discuss Staffing, Automation, and Compliance Challenges in Finance and Accounting
May 25, 2017
Six in 10 Creative Executives Say Open Salary Policies Dampen Employee Spirits
May 24, 2017
Survey: More Than Half of Professionals Don't Disconnect from Work During Vacation
May 22, 2017
Employees Want Flexible Schedules and Summer Fridays, But Fewer Companies Offer Them
May 18, 2017
Survey Shows More Tech Executives See Their Roles as Primarily Strategic
May 17, 2017
Survey: More Than 4 in 10 Workers Considering Quitting; Executives Don't Recognize Why

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