Employment Research

Robert Half regularly conducts research on hiring trends throughout the United States. Our company has monitored employment and workplace trends since our founding in 1948, and we have reported hiring data through our Hiring Index program since 1992. Our statistical research complements the conversations our staffing and recruiting professionals have with thousands of businesses and job seekers every day. We currently publish the following employment research:

Hiring Indices

For more information about Robert Half’s quarterly hiring projections in the following professional fields, as well as historical trends, please visit:

Financial Hiring IndexIT Hiring Index  l Legal Hiring Index  l Marketing and Advertising Hiring Index

Special Report: The Demand for Skilled Talent

The Demand for Skilled Talent (U.S. and Canada) draws upon a variety of research to describe the "tale of two job markets" and why skilled talent is in short supply in certain specialty areas, despite general high unemployment.